November 2020

All the members Hungerford Town Band love performing at their concerts,
taking part in The National Brass Band Championship’s annual competition and
supporting events such as the Constable’s Parade, Town Carol Service, the
Remembrance Day and more. These, and the twice weekly rehearsals, are a
huge part of their lives.

So, after lockdown and group restrictions from March, they were delighted, at
the end of August, to be able to start small group rehearsals outdoors at the
Croft Field Centre, led by their Musical Director of 25 years, Tim Crouter. Well
wrapped-up, and with individual music stand lighting illuminating their scores
as the darker and cooler evenings drew in, they commenced to get ready for
their next concert – whenever and wherever this could be!

It seems unbelievable that the last public performance was on Christmas Eve
playing carols to shoppers in the High Street and the last time they played as
full band was 12 th March this year.

For Christmas 2020 we are planning the usual carolling entertainment playing
in the High Street here in Hungerford and Northbrook Street, Newbury which
we can do in small groups. We need to keep up a presence in the community
and are looking forward to seeing you all

It is with much sadness that we have had to cancel both our annual Poppy
Concert in aid of the Royal British Legion and our own Christmas Concert. The
players are disappointed as the thrill of playing to a packed Corn Exchange is
very special to us.

However, in a spirit of optimism, the Corn Exchange has been booked for an
afternoon concert on Sunday 21 st February at 3.00pm. The band is hopeful of
resumption in time for the event which has been jokingly entitled “The Break
Out” concert.

We are very grateful for the support of our major sponsors, but this year have
missed many of our most important fund-raising events. If you would like to
support the band the best ways are where we may be able to “double-your-
donation” as we are supported by the Greenham Common Trust via The Good
Exchange. Any donations “into the bucket” whilst carol playing and
contributions via the Good Exchange website (
Project No 17991 will be doubled!